Testing Services

XcelTop offers specialized testing services to enhance application software accuracy, reduce cost, and delivering quality software. Armed with various techniques and testing tools, we provide a comprehensive testing strategy to improve quality and performance of your application software.

Our structured approach encompasses:

Functional Testing
Evaluating the application for functional capabilities which includes Unit Testing, Sanity Testing, Integration Testing, Black Box Testing, User Acceptance Testing & Regression Testing

Performance Testing
Determining the scalability & stability of the application, this includes Load Testing, Stress Testing, Volume Testing and Scalability Testing

Usability Testing
User Interface & Navigation testing

Outsourcing your testing services will benefit:
Cost effective solutions

  • Cost savings through outsourcing of your test services
  • Cost savings in delivery and maintenance through early detection of defects as a result reduced re-work

Faster time to market

  • Our structured approach and test automation speeds up test processes
  • Greater control and enhanced software quality
  • Improved user satisfaction and defect reporting

Allow us the opportunity to serve you, please leave a note or mail us at info@xceltop.com